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Baccarat Rules – In Depth

Baccarat Rules – All you need to know

When it comes to quintessential casino games, baccarat is one of the most popular. You will have three places to bet – Player, Banker, and Tie. There will be two to three cards and the winning hand will be the one with the highest score. The highest possible score is nine.

Baccarat is purely a game of chance. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should simply be guessing. For starters, it is important to know the rules of baccarat. If you are playing in a land-based casino, or even in an online platform like DigiBet, being aware of the rules will increase your chances of winning. It would be stupid to place bets without knowing the fundamentals of the game. Keep on reading and we’ll let you know more about the rules to baccarat.

So, What are Baccarat Rules?

Below are some of the most important casino baccarat rules that you need to know. Even in gambling, knowledge is power.

The Card Values

In understanding the rules for baccarat, one of the most important is to know the values of the card. Cards numbered two to nine have the same value. An ace, on the other hand, is counted as one. Ten, jack, queen, and king cards have zero value. So, let’s say that the card of the player a six and jack, the value is six. If the cards of the banker are seven and an ace, the total value is eight. Hence, the banker wins.

Placing Your Bet

The best thing about baccarat is its simplicity. There are three choices for placing your bet – banker, player, and tie. Know the minimum and maximum bet of the casino so that you’ll know how much to place depending on what you feel will be the winning hand.

Adding a Third Card

The dealer will start a game of baccarat by handing two cards, and these cards will be added to determine the value of the hand. However, there are instances when a third card has to be dealt. If the cards of the players are turned and the value is less than five, another card will be dealt. This is unless the banker already has a natural, which means that the total of the cards is eight or nine.

For the banker, the rules of drawing a third card are more complicated.

  • If the third card of the player is a two or a three, and the total of the banker is zero to four, a third card must be dealt. If the total is five to seven, the banker stands.
  • If the third card of the player is a four or five, the banker must draw another card if their total is zero to five. If the total is six to seven, the banker stands.
  • If the third card of the player is a six or seven, the banker must deal another card if their total is zero to six. If the total is seven, the banker stands.
  • If the third card of the player is an eight, the banker must deal another card if their total is zero to two. If the total is three to seven, the banker stands.

Placing Side Bets

In many baccarat tables, you are allowed to make side bets. The rules, however, will be different from one casino to another. The best thing to do is to know the rules of the casino. Especially in online casinos, it is common that side bets are not allowed. If allowed, you should also know how much is the minimum and maximum.

Baccarat Playing Options

In learning baccarat rules, you also need to know your playing options. That said, below are the three options on where you should be placing your bets.

  • Banker: Most people who have been playing baccarat for a long time will agree that this is the best bet. It has the lowest house edge, which also means that it has the lowest chance that the casino will win. However, take note that because of the high chances of winning, the casino may also charge a higher commission.
  • Player: This is less favorable than the banker bet but better than the tie playing option. One of the reasons why some people prefer this bet is because the casino does not charge a commission when you win.
  • Tie: Bet on a tie if you believe that the game will end up with the player and the banker with the same points. This has the highest house edge from the three bets. Meaning, there is a low chance that it will happen. For this reason, it is recommended that you avoid this bet.

Aside from knowing the playing options, it is also crucial that you know the proper etiquette. Knowing how to behave properly is especially important when you are in a physical baccarat table. Nonetheless, even when playing online, various etiquette rules are important.

  • Know the rules. While the rules discussed earlier will most likely be relevant, some casinos might have variations.
  • If you have questions, ask the dealer and not the other players on the table. The dealer will be more than confident to help you out. Asking other players can annoy them. Remember, they are there to play and not to socialize and make friends.

Baccarat Strategies and Winning Hand

Honestly, there isn’t much to talk about the strategies in baccarat. It is purely a guessing game wherein you have to choose between the player, baker, and a tie. The winning hand most of the time, however, will be the banker. While it gets the winning hand, take note that the casino may take as much as a 5% commission.

To increase the chances of winning, below are some of the strategies and tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not bet on a tie. If possible, always bet on the banker.
  • Keep a scorecard. Regardless if you are playing in a land-based or online casino, a score card will make it easier to keep track of the trends and decide on where to place your bet.
  • Since it is a game of chance, money management is more important than betting strategies. Do not place bets that are too large for your bankroll. Do not make large bets to make up for your losses.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a casino game to test your luck, then it is hard to go wrong with baccarat. Almost every casino will have it. While winnings are based on chances, you must know the basic baccarat casino rules and strategies, including those mentioned above.

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