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How Betting Odds Work?

How Betting Odds Work?

Every casino that you are playing at makes a profit by developing a built-in advantage for every game. This is called the house edge. This should not be too high and there needs to be a balance between enabling players to win a satisfactory amount while letting the casino make some money.  A majority of the games have a house edge less than that of 10% and usually, a casino has 35%-50% winning chances.

Casinos do not try to beat a punter on every bet he makes. As a matter of fact, in the short term bet, the odds are pretty close. Thus, everything is possible. In case you are thinking about how casinos are the richest establishments in the world, you should know that games have even odds. However, when you combine it with thousands of playing every day spending several dollars, it turns the low house edge into great odds of excellent profits. Odds are a reflection of your chance in the gambling site.

For the players, it means that the longer you spend on any game, the fewer chances of you making a profit. In case you want to know how betting odds work, keep reading.

How do Betting Odds Work?

Odds are shown in two ways, decimals, and fractions. You are going to be familiar with odds as fractions. Nevertheless, you can show them in decimals if you want.

Thus, if you see a fractional listing of 6/1 odds, it would mean you win $6 against a bet of $1. In simple words, this is the ratio of the amount you will win in the initial bet that means that you will receive your stake of $1 along with a profit of $6. Thus, the total return will be $7. If you are wagering $10 at 6/1 odds, you are going to get a return of $70.

What is Probability?

The basic level betting allows you to predict the outcome of a particular event and if you are able to predict right, you can win money. For this, you need to know how sports betting odds work. For a certain event, there are a specific number of outcomes. For instance, take the rolling of a dice. When you are rolling the dice, there are 6 probable outcomes. Hence, if you bet that the person will roll ‘one’, there is a 16.67% it is going to happen. The betting odds show how likely it is for an event to take place. Bookies in Canada do this in decimal and that is the UK do the probability infraction.  Things are going to be discussed further in this article.

Using Betting Odds to Calculate Probability

There are two ways you use betting odds to calculate probability. One is through the fractional odds and the other is through the decimal odds. Below you see formulas telling you how do odds work in betting and how you can calculate the probability.

●     Using Fractional Odds for Calculating Probability

If you see the number is being separated by a slash like 6/1, it is the fractional odds. You can use it for calculating the likelihood of the event with the mathematical equation. (%) = B/ (A+B).

If you use 5/1 in replace of A/B, it will be calculated as 1/ (5+1) = 1.67. Thus, there is a 16.7% chance of this happening.

This is simple math and you will be able to find out the amount of money you can win using the odds. In place of A/B, replace every value of B with the amount you are betting and with the amount you are winning to calculate the odds.

●     Using Decimal Odds for Calculating Probability

In many online casinos, there are decimals and that is how odds work in betting. The calculations to find out the odds using decimals are also quite easy. The formula is (odd*stake)-stake. This is simple.

Hence you 9.0 is calculate as (9.0*$5) – $10 stake= $35 in wins.

Hence, you can see that you will be able to find out the wins in no time with the help of this formula.

Decimal Odds vs Factional Odds

As you can see, none of the odds are better than the other. Nevertheless, you are most likely to come across decimal odds. This is because decimal odds are much convenient to reach and understand. Moreover, they are not very intimidating. It attracts bettors. Moreover, fractional odds just represent the wins, while the decimal odds will also show you the returned stake.

How to Decimal Odds Work?

Decimal odds are also how does betting odds work. It is also called European odds. They are popular because of their simplicity. Punters use decimal odds for working out which price has better value for the bet simply by multiplying the wager they chose with the decimal price. The calculated returns comprise the bet stake.

Decimal odds will tell you two things:

  • The price and will allow you to calculate the amount of money you will win if you can win the bet;
  • The likelihood of the selected bet winning which is called the probability;

However, just as the fractional odds which shows you the potential returns without the stake, decimal odds will show the return from the bet which includes the stake.

The decimal odds against the prices:

  • 0-$1 stake * 6= $6 returns;
  • 0-$5 stake * 6= $30 returns;

The bets placed at events:

  • 0 – $1 stake x 2 = $2 returns;
  • 0 – $5 stake x 2 =$10 returns;

The decimal odds on prices:

  • 5 – $1 stake x 1.5 = $1.50 returns;
  • 5 – $5 stake x 1.5 = $7.50 returns;

Decimal odds are used in countries like the USA, Canada, Singapore, and many more. Hence, it is more popular than you know.

Final Words

This article might have cleared your doubts about how do odds work in sports betting. Every punter will have their way of calculating the betting odds. Some people can play for hours and still not go broke. There are a few who play risky bets and others are going to be extremely careful using variance to their complete advantage. In case you are a recreational player and do not have complete of the delicate details that constitute gambling, you should just enjoy your time and take it easy. Just bet in small amounts and make sure you move slowly. This way you will be able to maximize your playing time and spend just a few dollars every hour.

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