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Counting Cards Blackjack

Counting Cards and How Does It Work?

Counting Cards Live Blackjack is a gambling strategy wherein you will predict the next cards that will be dealt with the hope of being at an advantage to make a winning bet. It is a form of an advantage play wherein you will lower the house edge and increase the chances that you, the player, will win.

Among others, it is often used in blackjack. In this game, your goal is to beat the dealer by having cards with a total as close as possible to 21 without busting or going over. The aim is to have better cards compared to the dealer. Blackjack card counting can increase the possibility of a win.

Counting Cards Live Blackjack

Counting Cards Live Blackjack

Counting Cards Live Blackjack is legal. It is not a form of cheating. Nonetheless, this is often frowned upon by casinos. They can kick you out of the casino if they determine that you are counting cards.

While blackjack card counting practice seems like an excellent way to make money, it isn’t for everyone. It is a skill that you won’t learn overnight. To know more about how it works and how to succeed, keep on reading, and learn from the insights we’ll be sharing in this short guide.

Should You Consider Counting Cards?

Yes, you should consider Counting Cards Live Blackjack. This is a skill that can increase your bankroll if you know how to do it right. This will let you lower the house edge and maximize your winnings.

Another reason why you should consider counting cards is because it is legal. You won’t be jailed for counting cards. However, you can be kicked out by the casino. Remember, casinos are private properties. Therefore, the management has the discretion to evict you when they think that you are counting cards.

If you are playing online, you can also count cards. The good thing about Counting Cards Live Blackjack is that you are not being watched by the casino. This means that there is no risk of being caught, and hence, you won’t be forced out. However, this can be challenging. In most online casinos, the cards will be reshuffled after dealing a new hand.

So, How Do You Actually Count Cards in Blackjack?

Now, you are most probably wondering about how card counting blackjack works. It isn’t easy, but below, we’ll try to give you a glimpse of how it works. The technique below is known as the high-low strategy, which is all about assigning values to high and low-value cards.

  1. Tag a value on every card. Cards from 2 to 6 should have a value of +1. Meanwhile, cards of 7 to 9 should have a value of zero. Cards from 10 to ace will have a value of -1.
  2. When a card is dealt, you will add one, subtract one, or not do anything depending on what card shows up and the value of that card as indicated above.
  3. Maintain a running count of the cards. After any round, if the running count is positive, this means that there are more cards with large values in the cards that remain in the deck. This also means that you should increase your bet.
  4. On the other hand, if the running count is negative, this means that the cards remaining have small values. This is an indication that you should reduce your wager.

What are the Main Card Counting Techniques?

The steps listed above show the basic way at which you can count cards when playing Live blackjack. There are other techniques that are equally promising, including those that are more advanced. Below, we’ll talk about some of the techniques you need to know.

Omega II Card Counting System

This is a two-level system, which makes it complicated, especially if you are a newbie. In the high-low system, as mentioned above, you will only add or subtract one. In this system, however, there is a +2 or -2.

To practice this card counting system, the first thing that you have to do is to assign a value on the cards in a deck. Aces and 8s are 0. Meanwhile, 2s, 3s, and 7s are +1. 4s, 5s, and 6s are +2. 9s are -1 and 10s are -2. All that you have to do is to know the running count of the cards that have already been revealed and convert it into the cards’ true count.

Wong Halves Card Counting System

This is one of the most complicated systems for counting cards blackjack, so we recommend that you stay away from this strategy if you are not confident that you can do it properly.

Like in the high-low and Omega II systems, you will also be assigning individual values to the cards in a deck. In Wong Halves, aces and 10s will be assigned a value of 1. 9s are -.5. 8s are 0. 2s and 7s are +.5. 3s, 4s, and 6s are +1. 5s are .5. The fact that there is .5 is already enough reason to believe that this is a complex card counting strategy. This is a balanced system, which means that once all the cards have been dealt, then your count will return to 0. You need to know the card’s true count so that you can make smart wagering alterations.

So, Does Counting Cards Really Work?

Yes, card counting works! Do not take our word for it. Go online and research about the MIT blackjack team. This is a team of students from some of the most prestigious universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. They made millions of dollars playing in different casinos while they practice blackjack card counting.

Final Verdict

As noted above, counting card in blackjack can help you win big. This is one of the best strategies that can improve your odds of winning. However, while it is promising in theory, it is difficult in practice. Especially if you are a beginner, this is a complicated technique. Plus, even if it is legal, you are also risking the possibility of being kicked out from a casino.

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