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MLB Betting Trends – In-Depth Guide

Why are MLB betting Trends so popular? Let's find out!

Major League Baseball (MLB) attracts baseball fans from all over the world. It gathers 30 of the best teams to fight for the much-coveted championship throughout 162 games. From betting on a money line to wagering on a run line, you will have several choices on how to gamble in baseball.

Learning about the best MLB betting trends will help increase the chances of winning. This short guide will talk about some of the trends you need to know and how it can help you win on your wager.

What are MLB Betting Trends?

In its simplest sense, MLB betting trends refer to collective behavior that develops over time. This will have an impact on the outcome of the game, and hence, considered as a crucial factor when wagering. From batting average to pitching statistics, bettors often look at trends to make sense of the past with the belief that they will influence future outcomes.

The best MLB trends for betting are readily available online. Many websites are publishing historical data and trends. Some tipsters are even offering them in exchange for a fee. However, we do not recommend the latter as it will only be a waste of money.

What Should I Look for When Betting on MLB?

When you are betting on MLB, one of the most important is to look at the odds that are offered by a website or bookie. The odds will determine who is the favorite and the underdog. More importantly, it also shows how much you should bet or how much you can win from your bet. By understanding the odds, you can make well-informed choices.

More importantly, you should understand the betting trends MLB, including those that are mentioned in this article. These trends are based on historical data, so there is a solid basis. With the trends, you are betting not only based on assumptions.

What are MLB Betting Trends You Can Trust?

If you are looking for the MLB betting trends today, we got you covered. Below are some of the things that you need to know.

Betting on Divisional Underdogs

Most newbies will bet on the favorite team. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, this might not always be the best strategy for you. With this, one thing that you might want to consider is to wager on the divisional underdog. This can be unconventional, but going against the tide is a promising ay to win. While there will be outliers, the general trend is that the underdogs win.

Based on information collected from 2015 to 2018, there is a reason to believe that divisional underdogs can become surprising winners. The divisional underdogs have collected +87.32 units of profit. On the other hand, the underdogs in non-divisional games have lost -574.62 units.

This trend becomes more valuable if the divisional underdog is playing on the road. This is because most people tend to overemphasize the home advantage.

Avoiding the Favorites

In line with our recommendation above of betting on divisional underdogs, one of the best MLB betting trends is to avoid the favorites. Betting on the heavy favorites is a disaster waiting to happen. You might assume that it is a safe bet, but that isn’t usually the case.

Bookies know that bettors will wager on the favorite team to win, especially during major games. Hence, betting on the favorite is often overpriced. The lines are often inflated.

When you are betting on the favorite, the winnings will be minimal while the losses can be significant. This can turn into a nightmare, especially if you have been initially confident that your bet will win.

1-Run Games

Compared to the NBA or NFL, the point spread betting in MLB is quite different. There is a fixed spread of 1.5. The favorite team has a -1.5 spread and the underdog has +1.5. The favorite bet of many people is that the underdog team will catch a 1.5 run.

Looking at the numbers, you have a reason to believe that the 1-run game should impact your wager. A high percentage of the recent games have been decided by one run. Three out of ten games are decided by one run. By tracking the trends, it will be easier to see if a one-run game is about to happen.

What are the Main Things to Look Out for While Betting on MLB?

Aside from understanding MLB sports betting trends, you also need to consider the different things that can affect the outcome of the game, including those that are briefly mentioned below:

  • Weather: The weather is one of the external factors that will have an impact on the outcome of a game. The hotter the weather is, the farther the ball will travel. Humidity, temperature, and wind direction will largely impact the runs or scores. Think of these things before placing your bets.
  • Time: Aside from the weather, the time of the baseball game will also have an impact on the outcomes. Batters are generally better during the day.
  • Streaks: Like in other sports, streaks can happen in baseball. Consecutive wins and losses can affect the performance of a team.
  • Stadium: From the design of the park to its location, certain factors will also affect how you wager. For instance, home teams can do better when they are at their home stadium, so you have a good reason to bet on them.
  • Pitcher: While it is crucial to look at the players of the team and their records, the most important is the pitcher. The starting pitcher is the most significant factor that will affect the odds of winning.

Final Verdict

From wagering on the divisional underdogs to one-run games, this article talked about some of the best MLB betting trends that you need to know. Especially if you are a newbie, the things mentioned above will help you make well-informed bets based on historical data and not based on mere assumptions.

Once the MLB season starts, consider the trends mentioned above and place your bets at Digibet!