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Over Under Betting

Over Under Betting – In-Depth Guide

From basketball to football, betting is popular across a wide array of sports. People wager with the hope that they will win while also following their favorite games or players. It can be as simple as picking an outright winner or can also involve predicting the scores. In the case of the latter, then one of the most popular ways to wager is through over under betting.

If you are a newbie, over under sports betting can be complicated. To know more, keep on reading and we’ll talk about how it works. We will also provide some concrete examples so that you will understand this betting concept better.

So, What is Over Under Betting?

Also called totals betting, an over-under bet is a wager on the total combined scores of both teams. You will bet on whether the score is over or under the number that has been specified by the bookie. The latter envisions every game, and from this, they will pick a number to set the odds.

In many cases, the number has a .5, which is a great way to prevent a tie. For instance, some bookies would express it as 165.5. This means that if your bet is under, then you will win if the combined score is 165 and below. On the other hand, if your bet is over, you will win if the combined score is 166 or above.

Several factors will determine where to bet. The recent games and statistics are among the most important. The weather and other environmental factors, such as where the game is played, can also affect over-under bets. If the star player has suffered from an injury, the over-under bets can also be affected.

How much can you win betting under over? This will depend on the odds that are expressed. In most bets, there is a number in a parenthesis, which will look like this – (-110). With this, -110 means that you need to bet $110 to win $100.

The right over under betting strategy is crucial to increase the chances of winning. Know the historical scores as this can be a good basis for determining your over-under bet. You also have to factor in the weather and other external conditions that can affect the outcome of a game.

Where Can You Use This Kind of Betting?

Betting over under is applicable in many sports, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey, among others. The winnings will vary from one sport to another depending on the odds from the bookmaker.

What Happens if Over Under Betting is Exact?

In most cases, most over under bets end with a .5. However, in cases when the combined scores are in the exact amount as the line set by the bookie, which is technically known as a push, then you will be issued a refund.

For instance, let us say that in a game of football between San Francisco Giants and Dallas Cowboys, if the line is 42 and the final score is 20-22, that means that the combined score is 42, which is exactly the same as the line. In this case, you will get your bet back. To avoid this, most bookies would instead set their line as 42.5 instead of 42 so that there will be no refunds.

Examples of Over Under Betting

To have a better understanding of over and under betting, below, we’ll talk about their concrete examples in some of the most popular sports where you can wager.


Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets

  • Bet A: Over 210.5
  • Bet B: Under 210.5

For a bet on Dallas to win, the combined scores of both teams should be 211 or more. On the other hand, for a Houston bet to win, the combined scores should be 210 or less. It does not matter what team wins or loses. If in case the Dallas scores 120 and Houston scores 95, the total is 215. This means that the winner is Bet A.


New York Jets vs Buffalo Bulls

  • Bet A: Over 45
  • Bet B: Under 45

In a game of the Jets and Bulls, the score of the two teams should be over 45 for Bet A to win and under 45 for Bet B to win. Let us say that the jets scored 25 and the bulls scored 20, the total is 45. In this case, you will get a refund.


Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankees

  • Bet A: Over 8.5
  • Bet B: Under 8.5

Compared to football and basketball, the scoring in baseball is lower, as shown by the sample bets above. Let us say that the Chicago Cubs scored 5 and New York Yankees scored 3, then the total is 8. It is under 8.5, which means that you will win if you choose Bet B.


Montreal Canadiens vs Detroit Red Wings

  • Bet A: Over 6.5
  • Bet B: Under 6.5

The number 6.5 is the combined score that the two teams must make during the game. If Canadiens scored 4 and Red Wings score 3, the total is 7. This is over 6.5, and hence, the winner is Bet A. In most hockey over under bets, the line will be set at 6.5.


FC Bayern Munich vs Chelsea

  • Bet A: Over 2.5
  • Bet B: Under 2.5

Let us say that Munich scored two goals and Chelsea scored one goal. This means that the total is three goals. Hence, you will win if you wager on Bet A since the total score is more than 2.5.

Final Verdict

With over under betting, all that you have to do is to predict if the combined scores will be over or under against the number set by the bookie. This is not as straightforward as a moneyline bet wherein all that you have to do is to pick a winner. You are not betting on a single team but the scores of both teams.

Ready to apply what you have learned in this guide? Now is the time to visit Digibet and place your over-under bets.