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Sports Betting in Canada

Sports Betting in Canada

Canadians have always been sports buff and sports betting have been a very attractive option for Canadians. The people frequently enjoy betting on their favorite sports and games whether online or offline in the Canadian province. However, Canada has its own set of betting rules and regulations that people have to abide by the law. Online sports betting in Canada has recently acclaimed its place with the citizens who are interested to place large wagers on their favorite sports. The betting laws in Canada are somewhat confusing that is why there is no straight answer to the question, is sports betting legal in Canada?

Sports Betting in Canada- Complete Guide

Sports betting in Canada is still incoherent as every province has its own set of rules for placing wagers. There are quite many legal Canadian sites that allow betting and offshore sportsbooks that entitle Canadian citizens to place wagers. Is betting on sports in Canada legal? Canadian laws are a bit outdated and need a little tweak here and there. The law states that betting in Canada is illegal, plain and simple. However, the law does not specify online betting at all so you can simply think that putting wages online is not a criminal offense in the country.

How do You Find Sports Betting Sites in Canada?

One can make a whopping amount of profits through online sportsbooks. There are many gambling sites in Canada and offshore betting sites that make it easier for the citizens to make some money while predicting their favorite sports. If you are looking for top sports betting sites in Canada, then following platforms can effortlessly help you:

●      Search Engines

This like Google, Bing or Yahoo are the simplest and the most effective forms of searching for best sports betting sites in Canada.

●      Online Chat Rooms

These are also the most popular ways through which one can land on most trusted applications supporting legal sports betting in Canada.

●      Facebook Pages

It is dedicated to sports betting in Canada and can effectively help you to find some hidden online sites for betting that you might not even know of.

Even your friends and acquaintances can be of your help and they can be the best source to know what betting sites are currently taking in the wagers. There are many offshore sportsbooks too that can help Canadians earn money through legal wagers.

Things to Know about Betting in Canada

Canadian markets have been overlooked by many offshore sportsbooks and also in their own country because of the confusing laws. The traditional Canadian sports have also been disregarded by various sports betting sites in Canada. But, Canada is now emerging as an online betting market in the world with the creation of its betting sites that tends to focus more on its traditional sports wagers.

Offshore sportsbooks include waging on sports, casinos, poker, slots and online games that are also interesting per se. Canadian online sites have also copied the content from offshore betting sites and implemented effectively with respect to the Canadian market. All major Canadian sports, poker variations, and casino games are included in these local sites. The community can place wagers on varied odds, have different withdrawal and deposit limits, and discounts that are different in each online betting site.

What Type of Sports can You Bet on in Canada?

The sports fans in Canada can enjoy varied gambling opportunities online. There are many legal sports betting in Canada alternatives that Canadians can enjoy. A few of them are as follows:

●      Hockey

It is a loved sport all across Canada and thankfully online gambling sites include tournaments like NHL hockey games. These Canadian tournaments get exposure all across the global sportsbooks.

●      Football

It is another widely enjoyed game that Canada loves to watch. Betting platforms include tourneys like NFL with Super Bowl that Canadians also love to place bets upon.

●      Basketball

It is another huge source to place wagers in Canada with worldwide famous tournaments like the NBA.

●      UFC

This betting has also created its fan base in Canada that the citizens prefer to place their wages on.

What are the Most Common Payment Methods for Betting in Canada?

As with any other online e-commerce website, online sportsbooks also prefer the same old payment methods. There are quite many basic ways to deposit your money in an online sports betting site in Canada and then go on placing your bets. Here are a few online payment methods accepted on online betting platforms:

●      Debit and Credit Cards

Your normal credit and debit card options are acceptable globally in sportsbooks.

●      Visa and MasterCard

These are also internationally recognized payment methods that Canadians can use for payment.

●      PayPal

This is an e-wallet that everyone prefers to pay their deposits with.

●      eWallets Like Neteller, Skrill, Click and Buy

These are easier transfer ways to deposit amounts in line betting sites.

●      Paysafecards

If you want to be anonymous while transacting money, this is the way to go.

●      Bank Wire Transfer

The most basic transfer is directly through banks that Canadians can use.

●      Western Union Transfer

Because of its global reach, Western Union is preferred by various betting sites.

●      Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency is the most known form of depositing funds to do online wagers.

●      Check Deposits

Canadian betters also prefer basic check deposits for their betting experience.

Most Common Bonuses in Canada Sports Betting

There are quite attractive offers and discounts offered by the Canadian line sites, following are the part of such bonuses:

●      Welcome Bonus

These are the most common bonuses that betting sites offer to attract customers where they give a deposit to the customers to play with.

●      First Deposit Bonus

If you make your first-ever deposit on a Canadian betting site, then this bonus is for you. Some sites even offer $200 CAD as a first-ever deposit bonus.

●      Matched Deposit Bonus

If you clear waging requirements of minimum betting odds then some sites provide you with this bonus.

●      Reload Bonus

If you have exhausted your welcome bonus, then a reload bonus can be offered to you but not all sportsbooks indulge in this bonus giveaway.

Sports Betting in Canada FAQs

Can I Bet in Canada with My Mobile Device?

Yes, supposedly you can bet on mobile devices with the sports betting applications download or even on the website through your mobiles.

What Currencies can I Use for Sports Betting in Canada?

If you are betting in Canada, and then CAD is, of course, the preferred currency. Other currencies like Euros and American Dollars are also accepted currency when you indulge in online betting in Canada.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes in Canada for My Winnings?

As Canadian law does not state about the sports betting in Canada legality, you don’t have to pay taxes for your winnings in online sports betting.

Final Verdict

As Canadian law is becoming more volatile and amendments are taking place slowly but steadily, you can accept that like some American States have made online sports betting legal, Canada can also make it legal in the coming times. But, till the time it doesn’t include it in its rule book, you can enjoy a lot many online and offshore sportsbooks betting options. You can explore various wager options according to your deposits and odds that you chose from a wide range.

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