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Understanding Progressive Jackpot online

Learn all about Progressive Jackpot online Slots

With too many casino games, picking the right one to play can be an overwhelming process for any beginner. While we are not in a position to tell you which is the best, there is one thing that you should be looking for -progressive jackpots. This is one of the many ways by which casinos attract players to their platform.
Progressive Jackpot refers to increasing the prize that you can win based on a betting volume. A part of every bet goes to the pot money. This means that the more people play a specific game, the higher the jackpot will be until it is claimed.
Undeniably, many people dream of winning casino Progressive Jackpot online. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it seems. For instance, in Megabucks, one of the most popular slot machine games, the chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 49,836,032. While it is difficult, it is possible. To increase the chances, below are some of the most important things you might find helpful.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot

  • Set a Limit and Stick to It: Before you start playing a game with a Progressive Jackpot online, determine your budget and do not go above it. Proper bankroll management is one of the first things you need to learn.
  • Know how much you need to bet. Not all bets will qualify for the jackpot. In most instances, there is a minimum bet requirement so that you will be eligible to take home the jackpot.
  • Look for the right casino where you can play a game. Especially if you are playing online, you should read reviews and consider the reputation of the casino to avoid being scammed.
  • Play the same game for as long as you can. You do not win the jackpot on the first try. It is a test of patience, and in most instances, can exhaust your bankroll. However, consistency is one of the secrets of those who win.
  • Research the slots and determine their volatility. Even in gambling, knowledge is power. The more you know about the different slots, the easier it is to pick one with the highest likelihood of giving out the jackpot.

What are the Types of Progressive Jackpot online?

As you learn about progressive slots, you should also be aware of the different types of jackpots that you can win, which will include the following:

  • Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot: This is for a game that is not connected to any other game. This usually has a lower jackpot compared to the other two mentioned below.
  • In-House Progressive Jackpot: It is the jackpot from a group of connected slots. It consists of multiple slot games in the same casino. It has a larger jackpot compared to stand-alone, but the jackpot is not as high as the third one on our list.
  • Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot: If you want the largest jackpot, this is for you. It is a jackpot linked to a group of slots from multiple casinos, offering the highest pot money that you can win.

Why are Progressive Jackpots So Scarce?

For sure, a lot of you are interested in winning an Progressive Jackpot online. Unfortunately, this will be a rare occurrence. While it is promising, it is also a rarity. The casinos will not just give out easy money like that. Besides, it is not one thing that you can win in one try. You will need to play multiple games to boost your chances of winning.

Which are the Progressive Jackpot online?

With all of the things mentioned above, you are now most probably interested in playing progressive jackpot casino games. The options can be overwhelming. If you need help deciding, below are some of the top options that should be on your list.

Mega Moolah

Created by Microgaming, this game has four progressive jackpots, which you can win by playing the Jackpot Bonus Game. These jackpots are called Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpot. For each wager, a small portion goes to the jackpot pool. In 2015, Jonathan Heywood has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the biggest jackpot winner in any slot game. He played Mega Moolah and won almost $20 million!

Mega Fortune

In 2013, a student from Finland won the biggest Mega Fortune progressive jackpot, which reached almost $24 million! Mega Fortune is a 5-reel and 25-payline slot game. You can win the Rapid Jackpot or Major Jackpot while you are playing. To do this, you must find yourself in a bonus game. You can wager a maximum of $50 once you are in the jackpot game. Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are some of the most popular progressive jackpot games, so if you would like to win big, these are two of the games where you should be concentrating.

Melon Madness Deluxe

If you are looking for a fresh and fruity game where you can win a huge progressive jackpot, then Melon Madness Deluxe is one that should be on your list. This 5-reel and 30-line slot machine offers multiple ways to win. For instance, the scatter pay-out can be as much as 50 times. You can also get multiple free spins, providing many opportunities for you to increase your bankroll.

Going Nuts

With its winter forest theme, Going Nuts is another exciting casino game with an opportunity to win big in the pot money for progressive jackpot. Shortly after the game was launched in Borgata Casino, a player won over $153,000 jackpot for a $1.5 spin. This may not be as huge as those mentioned above, but this is surely an overwhelming number that many of us could only dream about.

Final Verdict

Progressive jackpots present some of the best ways to get rich playing in a casino. There is no secret formula for success. It is completely random. Nonetheless, one interesting thing to note is that you have higher chances of winning this kind of jackpot than a lottery! So, if you are looking for the best online casino progressive jackpot, make sure to check out Digibet today!